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Volgo-Don Hotel

Volgo-Don Hotel eight-storey building welcomed its first guests in 1970. It is situated on the bank of the Volgo-Don Shipping Canal, just within walking distance of the Volga embankment. Nowadays it appears to be a modern three-star hotel in Volgograd.

Both the developed neighborhood amenities, and industrial and household enterprises together with different branch departments located not far from the building make the hotel extremely attractive to researchers and businessmen.

Homelike, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of the hotel will surely assist You in getting rest after a long stressful working day.

Volgo-Don Hotel is able to accommodate 102 guests at once.

Volgo-Don Hotel Café
  • Over 70 various dishes on the menu
  • Up to 40 people can be accommodated
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Conference hall
Volgo-Don Hotel Conference Hall

The conference hall fitted with a film projector and a projection screen as well as a flipchart is ideal for holding any trainings and corporate events.

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Reviews 22 January 2018
Владимир, Ростов на Дону

Проживали с 19-21 января в гостинице. Второй год приезжаем, и всегда довольны обслуживаниям! Всё хорошо, легко и быстро заселились, во время всегда накрывают обеды, ужины, номера тёплые. Персонал всег...

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28 May 2018
Tarif des FIFA 2018

Tarif des FIFA 2018
Liebe Gäste!
Vom 01.06.2018 bis 30.06.2018 bei Buchung von Zimmern
 FIFA 2018 wird beantragt.
Die Preise sind in Übereinstimmung mit der Verordnung festgelegt
Regierung der Russischen Föderation Nr. 89 vom 10.02.2016.

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47 Fadeev St., Volgograd
Russian Federation